How we make

Our company is specialized in custom hand made furniture with character. We manufacture from variety of materials like from solid wood to agglomerated materials like (MDF, lamino, plywood). The whole process of manufacturing is done in our shop in Dobřejovice. We also specialize on surface modifications like paint or veneering. Since we are envolved in the whole manufacturing process we can ensure 100% quality. If your project seems imposible we can make it furnishing.

About us

We are a family owned woodworking shop with tradition over 25 ears old. In that time we were able to master how handcraft and make a lot of happy customers. We are trying to make every product with the best and most quality techniques so that the products can live up to our standards. Furniture makes your home a home and that is why we believe its a a big part of our lives. And that is wy we make sure that the product we make are the best for our customers.

Our Work




In 1990 company was started by Ivan Šedivý, artistic carpenter witch started to work on his own from 1992 and he was responsible for building furniture with exceptional quality and detail.


Oficial start of the company

In 1995 the company was renamed on Šedivý s.r.o. for its new owner mister Šedivý. From that point company started to grow even larger in empoye numbers but even in new sortiment and growing customer bais.



In year 2020 cmpany has 12 employees is still a part of the economy and still improves ists long tradition. The company takes a lot of pride in it quality of its products

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